Shawn Rey’s Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona, ​​capital of the Catalonia area, is the next largest city in Spain located in the northeast of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Pyrenees. It has a population of more than 1.5 million people.Image result for Barcelona Travel Tips

Although the capital of Spain is Madrid, Barcelona would be the most famous city. Actually, it is probably the most famous city in Spain. Catalonia is a controversial area that has a language, although the languages ​​recognized in Spain are Catalan and Spanish. Catalan is easy to understand since it is similar to Spanish.

Initially, Barcelona was named Barcino, in honor of a Carthaginian leader, Amílcar Barca. It is believed that it was established by Phoenicians and Carthaginians. It is abundant in history with the Romans contained in the year 1 a. C., the Visigoths at five d. C. and the Moors at eight d. C. before the Franks.

From counties to territories, the area expanded being known as Catalonia. Barcelona gained value as a city during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Catalonia managed to contribute its political power by making Barcelona an interesting and relevant part of Spain.

Barcelona became more popular after the website successfully hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, with other successful events in the process, such as the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004. The streets of its city are well designed with buildings and organized homes. The community center has its main avenue operating from its famous Plaza de Catalunya, the best way to Get to the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and the Old Port.

Barcelona has a series of interesting offers for each visitor or perhaps local; Beautiful separate views, Barcelona became a relevant and important business center due to its strategic location, in addition to its historical links with the surrounding areas. The beaches are fantastic destinations for those in Barcelona ​​since the bad weather throughout the season is extremely encouraging for a day. Its temperature of ten degrees Celsius in winter and twenty-five degrees Celsius during the summer makes Barcelona a favorite place of fun, excitement or perhaps relaxation, even when regular rains are expected.

There is not a dull moment in Barcelona, ​​as there is much to discover, do, and try. In addition to the incredible cathedral of the Sagrada Familia, the Sagrada Familia, which is incomplete until this morning, are Gaudí’s famous works of the Park Güell, which are monuments of stones and special ceramics with eccentric shapes that represent elements of nature. For a moment of fun and excitement, there is a quiet park with a colorful terrace for a breathtaking view of the community. Since there is no entrance fee to visit the park that is available every day, it is a trip that is worth relaxing and enjoying the green and serenity of any park within the city.

For art lovers, the famous Picasso Museum, with masterpieces of Spanish modernism, is appropriate in the center of the city, around several medieval palaces. The number of museums in Barcelona will occupy your time and effort with dignity. Barcelona is famous for its tradition and artistic inspiration with good music, theater and dance events with the second best-known opera, el Liceu in the block La Rambla.

The nightlife is a unique experience in Barcelona that should not be missed, with the many bars and restaurants offering delicious dishes and a selection of wines.

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