Consistency and Interior Design

Ever wondered why people are becoming really considering things that are old, to the purpose of distressing new furniture? Do not you get the sight a bit odd – individuals hitting new wood with big heavy chains to make it look old? Why are folks crackling their walls and furniture, pulling things out of basements and attics for the living spaces of theirs, as well as esteeming worm holes and green (an indication of age) of such fantastic worth?

We are now living in an era of plastics, steel, glass, vinyl and laminated wood. It’s all smooth and with no character. We have come to the stage where we are nostalgic for the rough hewn timber of log cabins, and the well worn, wooden floorboards of our ancestors. Everyone is developing new, expensive homes using supplies salvaged from the past. Society has become so advanced we want to retreat to a more calming world. Old things are able to have a relaxing effect on us.

In many occasions things with texture stand for our past. Virtually all old things are rich in texture. Log houses, old wood floors, afghans, cross-stitch, braided rugs, and quilts are all full of texture. There’s a good deal of difference in surface between a needlepoint photograph on the wall as opposed to a poster, talked about in cup and surrounded by a cold, metal frame.

Lack of feel has come to symbolize wealth in a few locations. Probably the most expensive fabrics are extremely smooth. Sofas in structured living areas are usually upholstered in shiny, soft fabric. arredamento brescia have high luster finishes. Contrast this with the resurgence of pine, which has more texture, and with bleached timber. Many years ago texture was brought into the home with lawn cloth, flocked wallpaper, cutaway upholstery fabric, and shag carpet. Several of these items are now in style again. (Those people which are a bit older nevertheless shy away at the phrases shag and carpet together.)

There are actually numerous solutions to bring texture into your home- like Berber carpet and plant life. Special painting techniques add texture and richness to walls. Chenille, high in texture, is quite well known in blankets and upholstery. Blinds are being pulled down from windows, as well as being replaced by texture rich fabrics. If you find yourself hoping to do something to spruce up a boring space, take a glance around and discover in case you may possibly be losing out on consistency within the space. You may be capable of getting the results you want with the fact of merely a touch of texture.

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