Can one Buy Property in Down under and Get a new Home Mortgage loan Without Long term Residency?

Short-term Residents living in Australia are generally told that due to their residency status (ie, virtually no permanent residency) they’re not eligible to buy property in Australia, typically are not eligible for a home loan or even require substantial deposits as compared to their Australian citizen alternatives.

This article explores the choices available to these certain visa holders in financing their next Australian purchase and some of the legislative requirements and considerations including FIRB Approval.

What type of Visa do I have to be on to buy Property in Australia?

Most temporary residents are able to buy property in Australia and acquire home loan financing providing they’ve plenty of income and a twenty % deposit no matter the kind of visa they are on (providing the visa enables them to be effective in Australia).

in case a deposit of less than twenty % is available, then some lenders will lend to 90 % LVR in case the non resident is on a 457, 475, 487 or 495 visa and also works in an experienced field (ie, Accounting, Legal, IT, HR so on). These visa holders can buy roughly 90 % LVR providing they are within the professional field, have some legitimate savings, good employment and off any probation time.

Those that are on Bridging Visas, Student Visas and all different types of visas will call for a minimum of 20 % deposit and costs.

May I get the first Property owners Grant and Stamp Duty Concessions if I’m on a short-term Resident Visa?

To be eligible for the first property owners grant one candidate must be an Australian citizen or perhaps permanent resident at time of purchase.

The Stamp Duty concessions that apply however may be available depending on the state that you live in. Stamp duty concession needs differ from the FHOG requirements and thus different rules apply.

Do I require Government Approval (‘FIRB’ Approval)?

Foreign Investment Review Board Approval (‘FIRB’) is necessary for all purchases that do not hold Permanent residency or australian citizenship unless an exception applies. Exceptions apply when one applicant is a citizen or perhaps holds permanent residency or where the property being bought is a completely new house, construction, vacant land or unit development.

Whilst an FIRB software program may be required before you are able to purchase home in Australia, if the purchaser is looking to live in the property then the approval is usually granted. The policy of the FIRB is to stop foreign investors from getting up Australian houses, not the foreign citizen living in Australia looking for an area to live.

It’s important to observe that non permanent residents will be requested to sell the property should the country is leaved by them or move. Ie, they’re not permitted to lease out property unless the home is completely new. Of course, if the temporary resident has obtained permanent residency by the time they go then there’s no requirement to sell.


Temporary residents can invest in property in Australia and set up home loan finance to ninety % LVR if needed. There’s a number of extra steps that have to be taken and some lending restrictions do use as determined above.

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